Dear reader,
Maybe you’re looking for some connections and people with shared interests? I’d love to make a little self introduction here since it’s my very first blog post here in my blog. Come get to know a little about me as I wrote a brief self introduction here for you and let’s find out if we have some shared interests that we could talk about and let us get connected! I always love to be friends with amazing people like you!
Hello bloggers! I am pleased that you’d like to know a little about me as you continue reading my self introduction. My name is Patrick, am a graduate, i study Electrical Electronics Engineering.  My computer,phone and internet are my time theft, and it usually seems like my 15 hours a day every day was spent in front of my computer and my phone, not less but maybe more. Yes, seriously, that’s true! Just a piece of advice not to talk to me whenever my computer and internet are messed up, I’m probably in a bad mood! LOL!

What I Love To Share

I also love to share ideas  and views about life and its surrounding. because i have this idea and hope that I could help somehow. I love to share both the positive and negative aspect of life.

My Blogging Purpose

I have so many aspirations in life and to be a writer is one of them.. Yes, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to have a purpose, to share what I learned, to help, to be heard, to have a voice… like all writers do.
Creating a lovely identity is not the only thing I want, but to help and inspire people and find a bridge to connecting with amazing people around the world.
Blogging is a long time goal that I have been longing to do, and now I am here starting my first step to fulfilling my goal. It makes me happy and I am excited knowing that my ideas will be shared around the web to help and inspire individuals.

Getting In Touch

I’d love to hear from you! If you have anything to say, don’t think twice leaving a comment below. I would appreciate constructive criticism regarding my work because that will help me do better. Or if you just want to say hi or say anything rather than leaving a comment, you may send me an email at
Please don’t forget to like my Facebook Page (Uniqueresearching) so you’ll be updated on my new posts or follow me on instagram @uniqueresearching to stay in touch.
lastly chat me up on whatsapp  @+2349020118873 to stay in touch.

PS. I’m interested in reading other people’s blogs, so if you are also blogging, let me have a visit at your blog and I’d love to get to know you too!


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