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Airport drinking ban UK: All-day boozing at airports could be banned under new government plans

Gatwick Airport's Wetherspoons pub currently opens at 3am (Picture: Shutterstock) All-day drinking at UK airports could be banned under radical new proposals put forward by the government. The Home Office is set to launch a review into whether high-street licensing laws should be extended into terminals at the country’s airports. The move could see bars and restaurants unable to sell booze before 10am, ending the popular holidaymakers’ tradition of the ‘early morning pint’. Airlines have been calling for a clampdown on alcohol sales before flights following an increase in cases of drunken behaviour, and a spike in arrests. The Civil Aviation Authority said there were 417 reports of serious disruption on flights in 2017, up from 415 in 2016 and 195 in 2015. Ryanair has previously called for more “significant changes” to cut down the sale of alcohol at airports, including a two-drink limit per passenger. In August, two men dressed as Tinkerbell and the Bob the Builder


RECEPTACLE I slept and slept deep In my reduced state of consciousness, I saw a sharp, hooked claw like a fork. This fork-like object took me up And placed me on a shoulder The shoulder of a month old baby girl The baby girl had whole planets  Tied up with a string round her neck It looked like African beads on her neck I am the adult  But this baby girl spoke in riddles  The planets on her neck were hatching I sometimes forget what she gives birth to Her children were so many in 1939  And even in 1945 Even when her planets hatches And her hatchings were premature Or grown birds At times her good children see Mother’s bosom as a place for debris Despite all, a beast of burden  Is one of her beautiful names Written by: MORDI IFEANYI APEX WRITER/EDUCATOR/TUTOR UNIVERSITY OF BENIN DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH STRUCTURAL REVIEW This poem is enwritten to all women, weak and strong. The main idea of th