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Geri's Handmade Gifts and Pet Clothing

Geri's Handmade Gifts and Pet Clothing You will find a fabulous selection of handmade pet  clothing at Geri's Handmade Pet Clothing. Our company is constantly evolving and growing just like the traditional fashion industry. We provide a wide range of designs and options for your fur baby and  to provide the best solution that helps everyone. Our mission is to provide the highest quality clothing and gifts for your cute fur baby. Our core values reside within our passion not only for the sweet animals of the world,  but for the creative arts as well. What better way to have the best of both worlds than to create cute, durable, and affordable and fun clothing and gifts for your pets. With over 40 years as an artist and lover of all things pets, it was time to start creating a  line of clothing specifically for your best friend.  Whether you love to dress your pet for fun or it is a need to keep your fur baby warm in the winter, we've got y