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FATE OF A MANGO FRUIT Finally it fell down But nobody noticed it It started a decaying process They noticed, but it was late Its beauty become a stench Decomposition was not optional What would it have done? To hang loose on its mother and still decompose? Or fall to the ground and still decompose? What is its fate? Was it to be plucked, sucked Or left to fall and decay? Written by: MORDI IFEANYI APEX Writer/Educator/Tutor University of Benin Department of English STRUCTURAL REVIEW FATE OF A MANGO FRUIT is a poem that tends to justify the mystery of fate. Fate extends its mysterious manipulation on the mango fruit. LINE 1-Finally it fell down Here the poems tells us that the  mango fruit finally fell down. LINE 2-But nobody noticed it This line tells us that nobody noticed it. In this line the poet MORDI IFEANYI APEX uses symbolic expression of line 1 and 2 to portray a given life situation of the fate of a maide


OSCILLATION Who can tell me where Maria is? At the cold end of Ikogosi spring I looked at the flow of this cold spring I thought Maria sitting by the side of this cold spring But this cold end of my Ikogosi Became an ocean current It was an endless search in My pacific ocean I looked at the warm end of my Ikogosi It was better than a hot plate Where is my Maria? I could only find a clone Maria At the Ikogosi convergence There lies cloned Maria Mixed in the hot and cold spring Conjugation gave me a minute sense It was not Maria’s unique bonding All I recall was Maria makes me whole All grave become six more feet The undertakers carried a living corpse It was a condolence of Ignorance Despite who I am now I know Maria left with a part of me If she came back, bonding was same Then who is this drone after bonding Written by: MORDI IFEANYI APEX Writer/Educator/Tutor University of Benin Department of English S


THE FOUR BROKEN MIRRORS (TALES) THE FOUR BROKEN MIRRORS (TALES) THE GOLDEN MIRROR I was once beautiful, perfectly sculpted with gold clothing My face clearer than the springs, smiles radiated from me She greeted me naked, clothed, happy and I in turn showed her perfection She was fulfilled and safe as was i, hidden from the faces of men I stare into her soul as she does mine and innocence radiates She was as pure as the sparkles from the diamonds Then in the dark my back felt the crack as I kissed the ground Slowly, painfully I could see the crack surface to my once perfect face My glassy particles fell and her blood spilled I was on the ground and she beside me barely clothed not by choice My once beautifully sculpted back broken, her roses taken I was broken and so was she Our faces met, but darkness erupted No more sparkles in her eyes, no more joy Our secrets were taken from us by force For the robber had stolen from us our purity and