When I get asked What inspires you to write”, I don’t always have a ready answer because inspirations don’t just flow through a single Channel. Inspiration is everywhere! The word itself came from a Latin phrase “inspirare” which means, “to inflameto blow or to breathe into”. God is the ultimate inspiration and such inspiration that comes from within can only be a direct influence of God. Welcome to my few selection of things that inspire me to write!
1) My imagination
Imagination remains for me the greatest tool in drawing inspiration from. It forms a mental concept on people, objects, and places without the direct perception of the five senses. If you can imagine it, you can do it and if you can do it, you can be it and if you can be it, you can write it!
2) My laptop and my phone
Basically, I almost cannot do without my laptop and my phone since it puts me in the mood to work. Surfing the net in search of something new to read, new ideas to to put down. They serve as my “little companion” a source of inspiration to write.
3) A sharp mouthed pen and my diary
Again, pen to diary writing/jottings still gives me that inspiration for me neatly, especially when it’s a sharp-pointed pen and the diary is always with me, in case the need comes fast easily. By jotting down little day by day in my diaries, it just inspires me to write!
4) Solitude
 Yes, I love the solitude! – Because inspiration thrives in solitude. For some people, an environment that is noisy and rough increase their writing creativity but it doesn’t always work for me.
For someone like me, I get most of writing inspiration around 2:00am-5:30am, at that time the environment is calm.
There are days when even the sight of one person is enough distraction. Hence, spending that alone time in isolation from everyone, physically and mentally, helps my writing since it gives me a better chance to think, reflect, and tap better from my environment to properly develop my writing ideas.
5) Art works

Pictures generally have such mysterious way of inspiring one especially to write, perhaps, because the mind connects naturally and faster with visuals. Being a lover of artworks has hugely inspired my writing process. I try to discover what was in the mind of the artist behind the art piece. Hence, I step on newer and better ideas that I could put to good use in writing.
6) Meaningful conversations

 holding down meaningful conversations with people, keeps you up to date with their lives and the lives of those around, giving you a better viewpoint about life. Conversations that inspire are definitely a sure way of increasing your creativity to write.
7) The shower

Whether it’s the singing in the shower, it’s still for me one of the best way of exploring our inner self. Most times, we do our best thinking in the shower and we just can’t explain it! Somewhere in between the feeling of the water dropping down our head and skin in that peaceful moment, a brand new idea is mostly born. And you almost cannot wait to jump out and develop this new found inspiration.

8) The Loo/toilet/restroom
Never under-estimate the value of a good poop! Just as in a shower, we could find our inspiration too just by spending a good amount of reflective time alone on the toilet seat. One poop after another, the inspiration just shuffles in, somehow, you never know! You must find your inspiration somehow, even if it’s in a loo/toilet
9) Listening to cool music
A good way I get my inspiration is by getting myself in a good and cool music. Mostly I get inspiration to write something after much view of my favorite music like ENYA COLLECTION OF MUSIC. Before sleeping I put up my playlist with ENYA COLLECTION. As I sleep or rest, my thought of writing something just comes up.
10) A good sleep
And when you cannot write, sleep! Just shut it all off and sleep! Sleep surely does inspire insight and it is one of the habits of truly creative people. Sleeping creates a calm atmosphere that lets you reach deep within your own thought. Sometimes, a good sleep lets that inspiration flow naturally!

These are just a selected few out of a wide range because inspiration for me is everywhere!

Where do you get your own inspiration from?

Please let me know all your reactions, views and insights in the comment box below!

Written by:
Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka
University of Benin

Credited to:
To my fellow bloggers/writer


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