Talking about circle of friends, i found this quote very inspiring:
If someone wants to walk out of your life…. LET THEM GO especially when you have done your best, You have put in your Time, your Energy and have been the best person to them.
They say “You don’t know what you have till you loose it” and when they realise they made a mistake it would be too late for them to come back running to you.
Some people come into your life for a lifetime while some come in for a season and some also come in for a reason. You have to realise which is which to avoid mixing the  seasonal people with the lifetime expectations.
You realise your life has turned to SHIT, you are never happy and you wonder why you never have peace. From my own personal view am using the tree as an example of friends. A tree is made up of;
1. The branches
2. The leaves
3.The  roots 
1.The branches -Some people are like a Branch on a Tree, they make you think they are good friends – strong and reliable but when you step on them they break off and leave you dry.
2.The leaves -Some people are like Leaves on a Tree. When the wind blows they move, always unstable. Season changes they wither and die off. Most people in the world are only there to take from the Tree never adding value.
3.The roots - But these are very rare, the Roots, if you find some people who are like the Roots of a tree then you are truly blessed because  they are not going anywhere. They are not worried about being seen, they are not worried about what people will say or about what they doing for you.
You can have a million branches but without the Roots, the Tree can’t live. So if you have some Roots in your life hold on to them and the rest you LET THEM GO.
After analysing this tree concept, I scrolled through my contact list and differentiated the Roots from the Leaves and the Branches. I said NO MORE. I kept a far distance from them and i concentrated of fixing Myself. And also holding to the root categories of friends which i know right from high school.
At this point of my life i have to make a choice about whom i keep as friends in my workplace, my neighbourhood and my place of worship. At some point in my life i was seeking for a good friendship which will lead to a good relationship and then life partner.
But later i view it from other angle: The Philosophy of Life-- When you want something does not necessarily mean it will come that particular time Nope but it happens at the Right Time not at Your Time.
I rather be by myself and my root categories of friends  than be with the branch and leaves making me miserable for the rest of my Life.
My questions  for my readers/viewers: 
1. What is your own contributions and views about the post?
2. How well have you kept your circle of friends?
3. Are your friends among the branches,leaves or roots?

Please let me know all your reactions, views and insights in the comment box below!

Written by:
Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka
University of Benin


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